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Celebrity signs in online poker industry

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Check out some celebrities that appreciate poker platforms such as poker ace99. See the list with the most famous poker lovers from the show star arena.

Poker is an amazing game not only because it’s been here for centuries. Not only because you can play it thousands of amazing luxurious ground casinos! Not only because you start a completely new career – gambling career – from the comfort in your home thanks to thousands of trustworthy and reliable platforms such as poker ace99! And not even only because poker formats are so many that you can easily discover that suits your needs and preferences. It’s so popular and great, because we all love poker and poker seems to be a kind of a universal game. Because even celebrities like it!

Today, we are going to show you a list with some celebrities who just like you love playing poker – whether from a mobile device or by visiting a real ground casino. Check out some of the most famous poker players in the world, guys:

  1. Tobey Maguire. After having a role in a big Hollywood poker-related screen back in the 2004th year, the actor hasn’t just become a real poker player, but an opponent a lot of people get scared of when seeing him at the table. It’s a curious fact that Tobey loves playing poker so much that he admits for having a couple of online accounts in virtual poker houses.
  2. Ben Affleck. He’s another actor who started loving poker after shooting a movie in a gambling theme. Hence, the difference here is that Affleck participated in a movie where Blackjack was in the focus. What has happened after this start show for the actor is, though, to literally fall in love with Omaha poker. Affleck even brags about for winning a couple of good prizes in real money tournaments in the States.
  3. Rafael Nadal. You will be surprises that Nadal is as good poker player as he’s a good tennis star. We have seen him on the court and to tell you the truth, if you see him at a poker table you will see the same disciplined and metrological strategic approach in Texas Hold Em poker.
  4. Michael Phelps. One more sport player in our chart fascinates for the fact that he’s a total lover of the modern poker platforms. He’s a traditional mobile poker lover, who prefers the no limit Texas Hold Em format. Although his poker achievements are not as many as his sport medals are, we believe he’s a great player. And it’s tough to reach such a big number of achievements in poker, because we remind you that Phelps have nearly 30 medals in swimming discipline.
  5. Jean Robert Bellande. If poker is about surviving as more as possible till the end of the game, the formal Survivor participant is supposed to be great in poker tournaments. And seems that he is because since a decade Bellande has been playing poker with a couple of awesome wins, including one for more than 700 thousands of USD.

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