Gamble Addiction and Its Solution

Online Gambling

There are mainly two types of addiction problems in gambling. One is the player is betting continuously without caring for his wealth and health and another one is the players try to leave it but he can’t. Generally, gamblers bet from small money to large money and this is wrong. Often they start with a high value or end up with high values. The psychology of the gambler gets disturbed during gameplay because of addiction. The condition and results of disturbing health are as follows.


Whenever we enter a casino the first thing they give to us is alcohol. They do not stop there. They will tell you about the offers and bonus challenges that are going on. When we dive into the games they will take advantage of it. They will make you wish to play. But due to unconsciousness, some players at that moment bet all their money and the end result is zero. They lose all of them and get angry. And over and over again they bet all money and get in an illusion that this time they get the victory.

Luck and Lust:

Actually they have a quite complicated relationship. Suppose a player is winning a game and he thinks his luck is with him. But he doesn’t know the casino is let him win some matches. Because just after some match he is going to lose all his money. The reason is lust. The casino always takes advantage of human lust because they are doing business here. They are going to pay a large amount of tax to the government.

Faith and Over Confidence:

Believing in yourself and confidence is good but overconfidence is very bad. If you believe in lady luck or any kind of special ornaments then keep it with yourself but if you start losing they get too much confidence, immediately stop betting. Slowly your all money is going to drain out.


All problems are bind to only one solution and that you have to be aware of money. Don’t just bet anywhere without thinking. Control yourself. If you cannot control yourself then keep a little money with you. Do whatever you want to do with it. And always lend a small amount of money. if you are a true player then a small money winning can also give you happiness. And try to be happy with that.

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